Welcome To The Jungle

Welcome to our blog, dedicated to life at Frontwards Farm in Makanda, IL.
As our motto implies, we believe in a timeless approach to life, in general and on the farm. While we are confronted on a daily basis with ideas, systems, and tools that attempt to make life exponentially easier and more efficient, we must remain grounded in the trials of generations past, as well as our own. These experiences are agents of change and growth.

And though we may have at our disposal the ability to change the very blueprint of what we eventually eat (not to mention the mechanisms that bring it to our table) so that it fits within the parameters of our modern lives, we must ask if the pace of this change fits within the realm of nature itself.

Here we celebrate, communicate, navigate, and propagate a localized, sustainable approach to slow food, one that lies in the world beyond organic regulations and diesel stations, where our food comes from fields, not factories.

Over the coming days and weeks, we will add multiple posts with background info about us and our endeavors. As the new year approaches, we will transition towards updates regarding preparation for the 2010 season, sure to be an exciting one here on the farm.

Your insight, inquiries, and insults are always welcome.


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