Birdie Brain (I Will Take Us Home)

I must admit it...three weeks of unseasonable warmth will lead me away from this machine every time. And what an action-packed three weeks it has been (another reason for my prolonged absence.)

The ends of our hoop house have been framed (many thanks to Greg & Jen), the plastic film has been purchased and the cooler temperatures are approaching (though four more days of 60 degree temperatures await), so a post dedicated to that process will soon be up.

This week we were able to expand our electric fencing in preparation for the planting of our apple and asian pear trees that arrived last Friday, as well as some table grape vines and the remaining blueberry bushes. That make two posts that are due.

But the fluffiest, chirpiest, hoppiest new arrivals have taken center stage at the farm. It goes without saying that I missed the first call from the Carbondale P.O. (at 3 a.m.) last Friday, but I was up when the next one came at 5. Our chicks were leaving for our local branch, housed in the quiet valley that we call Makanda. And a quiet valley it is at 7:15 on a November morning, but that silence was soon broken as I followed our postmaster, Laura, into the building. She disappeared through the door, declaring, "I hear you, but I can't find you!" A few moments later she reappeared with a shoebox-sized carton.
Did I mention that they were loud?

Actually, they were more confused than anything, but their panicked chirps calmed relatively quickly considering the bumpy ride through the southern end of Giant City State Park (not a bad first trip). It was probably the heat pouring from my vents more than the scenery (they were in a box), but who knows.

Unfortunately, by the time I got home, the girls only had about ten minutes before they had to leave for school, but that night was a fun one. Our youngest, T, was up at 6 a.m. Saturday, wanting to hold the chicks some more.

Not to be outdone, Wrigley may have been even more interested, with different motives, I assume.

With completion of the coop within site, all we have to wait for are some big girl feathers, and they will really be home.

Ed. Note: We got our chicks from McMurray Hatchery.