Way back when I first started the blog (last October), I promised, among other things, a proper intro to who "we" are.

The best place to start is who "I" am, aside from the info on my profile page. My name is Jason, and I will be responsible (and to blame) for all of the posts here, though I must immediately credit my wife, Sarah, and our daughters, D & T, for most if not all of the photos.

Sarah & I grew up in central Illinois about 45 minutes apart, but we didn't meet until coming to school at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale in the mid 90's. Her father has been a farmer since college, and mine was a factory worker until they shut down his plant earlier this decade. Both of our mothers are/were (until retirement) educators at the schools we attended.

After graduating with an English degree, I started a landscaping company that is still my main source of income, working mostly in Carbondale, about 15 miles from home.

Sarah graduated with a degree in Fiber Arts, and has been growing her art business since. Her work is currently featured in a dozen or so galleries in the Midwest, and we try to attend 5-8 weekend art festivals a year.

Until recently, however, this was more of a side job for her. She home-schooled our daughters through grades 4 & 1, respectively, until they enrolled in school near our home this past fall. It was a wonderful, if not exhausting, experience for us (especially her, as I was able to "escape" to work.)

For those of you who have considered home-schooling, let me say that it is possible to raise normal, bright, well-adjusted,& inspired (and inspiring) children in this way. We never mastered the challenge of meeting the complete "standard" curriculum, but there were things gained by each of us learning together in this way. The girls are now in 5th and 2nd grades, finding their place in their own worlds.

We love to travel together, and were lucky enough to do so often when our schedules allowed more freedom. The girls favorites have been camping in Door Co., WI, & Land Between The Lakes, KY, as well as a beach trip to Cape San Blas, FL, all with some of our best friends from upstate. (And T would be upset if I didn't mention our annual trip to Holiday World water & amusement park in Indiana.)

I hope this glimpse into our lives gives you a small idea of who we are.
We welcome you to follow us here, as you will certainly learn as much about us through the experiences and anecdotes posted as you have in these few paragraphs.


Stephanie said...

Just wanted to introduce myself. I just found your blog from an email that Local Harvest sent me. It's so wonderful to find like-minded people close to home. We live in De Soto, just north of C'dale. I moved to the Southern IL area 4 years ago from Decatur, IL. I would like to link your page on my blog Going Green In So. IL if you have no objections.

Stephanie said...

I was one street away from going to MTZ. My parents live in the neighborhood between Krogers and Ruby Tuesdays, but back then it was all corn and bean fields. I went to Eisenhower class of 96. Small world. :) You can leave a msg in either spot. I tend to keep track of where I leave messages at and check back in from time to time.

kc said...

hooch, good post. and since i know you all very well, i can add my seal of authenticity: everything he says is true. he didn't make up the fact of being from central illinois to make things more interesting and cosmopolitan. they are all really from central illinois. no joke. if you can believe that ... crazy world. like the photos, dude. ready to come visit again when the chickens are laying eggs ...

jason said...

I don't make it back that way much, though my grandma now lives behind what used to be the Eagle shopping center, now a car museum. I can't remember exactly where Ruby Tues. is, but if I'm correct I think your parents live near my aunt & uncle, maybe on the same street, as I think there are only two or three streets there...Ment I believe. My cousin went to Eisenhower, but graduated around 2000. I bet you knew Mindy Reynolds, though. She was around your age. Her parents and mine are good friends. As you said, small world. Glad you made it to So Ill...we love it.

jason said...

I seriously considered stressing that I was from the Soybean Capital Of The World (as cosmo as it gets), but any connection to ADM & their GMO research could get me in trouble here...shhhh.
We should have plenty of eggs within 2 mos., so we're gonna need some bacon.

Stephanie said...

Yep and my parents live on Mulberry Dr right off of Ment. :)

karen said...

Hi, neighbor, sorry about the stone,-it was my neighbor over here! As A former Decaturite(Mac '72), 20yr resident of Rocky Comfort area, I am thrilled to see such a revival going on at that farm! Did you ever eat @ LSB in Decatur when they had Soup & Salad Bar? My daughter &chef Jamie Boaz were in honor band tog. Haven't eaten there- is it good & fresh? I'm doing some research for my tourism-food interest area.

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